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December 21, 2009




Congratulations on releasing yourself from the chains of television and welcome to a wonderful adventure! I gave up TV 10+ years ago and haven't looked back. I realized I enjoyed LIVE people that could carry on a conversation a LOT more than ones in a box that didn't even know I exist. Yes, I know, the cocktail runner thing is starting to make more sense, huh?

Just a word of caution, few people understand the no TV thing, especially my family. I think folks around me were happy when I donated mine to charity because it was old. They foolishly thought I would get a brand new state-of-the-art one out of withdrawal. That didn't happen but about 5 years ago I did win some super duper mondo TV in a charity drawing. Zounds! Not to worry, it did not enter my house that is another fun story to share next time we connect...

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